This is where you will find an ever-growing list of resources and recommendations for a deep and broad exploration of mythology, folklore, and other realms we venture into through the podcast. If I have my way, this list will become a sprawling exploration of threads that weave together a stunningly weird archetypal tapestry!

My philosophy is that genuine myth is ever-emerging. There is no true version of a story. And writing it down doesn't make it any more authoritative. Myths flow through us. We do not own them. We only have occurrences to recall, retell, and reflect upon them. With each telling, a myth is born anew. 

If you decide to add any of these books to your collection, I encourage you to buy from your local bookstore. If you buy online through the Mythic Podcast Bookshop, you support local bookshops as well as the podcast.

The Odyssey and The Iliad by Homer (Robert Fagles translation)

Greek Myths by Robert Graves

Mythology by Edith Hamilton

Mythos by Stephen Fry

Heroes by Stephen Fry

The Poetic Edda (Dr. Jackson Crawford translation)

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Gods in Everyman
Gods in Everywoman
Gods in Older Women by Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen