About the Podcast

Looking at life through a lens of mythology and symbolism can reveal layers of meaning that usually remain obscured or hidden. In Mythic, host Boston Blake explores archetypal themes in ancient legends and modern media.

  • myth and folklore
  • Jungian psychology
  • Superheroes
    (Wonder Woman, lots of Wonder Woman)
  • sci-fi
  • pop culture
  • history
  • current events
  • your personal issues

Nothing is off-limits!

The Mythic perspective may forever change the way you think about your favorite stories--and yourself.

Caution: Listening to this podcast may contribute to increased synchronicity in your life.

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picture of Boston Blake

The Host

Boston Blake is the host of the Mythic podcast. He does all the other things too--writing, producing, editing, and promotion. This is a one-man operation, folks!

As a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach with Jungian leanings, Boston helps clients and students actualize their creative dreams and experience greater depth, meaning, and purpose in life.

We all share a common human experience, but every human's experience is totally unique. He'd like to be "a bridge to a greater understanding." You know, like Wonder Woman. But he's content with coaching and creating.

Boston holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from C.I.I.S., as well as a Certificate in Applied Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He enjoys creative swearing, Wonder Woman comics, and writing about himself in the third person.